CHMOD Calculator Tool

This is a tool to calculate the chmod value for files and directories in Linux, whether it be Ubuntu, Arch or any other Unix distro. Choose the permissions you want the objects to have and the tool will display the right chmod integer value for you to use in a terminal window. Be sure to prepend your command with sudo to ensure that you have all the privileges to adjust the permissions for the files and directories.

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Optionally, specify the path to the file here to make the command more clear. Otherwise the standard file name is filename.txt, which resides in the current working directory, in other words ./. So filename.txt is the same as ./filename.txt. Add double quotes "" around your path if it contains spaces.

Use the following command in a terminal to modify the file's permissions:

$ sudo chmod 000 filename.txt

Some commonly used examples
Make a file executable by everyone, so you can run it by doubleclicking (supported by some distros) or you can run it from a terminal with the ./ command.
$ sudo chmod a+x
Make sure a file is not executable? That's just one small change.
$ sudo chmod a-x
Give all permissions to a file to everyone. You're usually not supposed to use this on configuration files!
$ sudo chmod 777

Interesting external links

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CHMOD Calculator ChangeLog

Version 1.3
- Improved command and other layouts
- Table shrinking fixed
- External links
Version 1.2
- Added copy to clipboard functionality
- Redesigned the changelog
Version 1.1
- Added jsdelivr CDN with local fallback
- HTML tag bug fix
Version 1.0
- First functional version